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Chasing autumn colors in Switzerland: the best spots!

Autumn season is here and leaves start changing colors! So, what better thing to do than chase autumn colors in Switzerland? Here is a detailed guide to the best places in the country to experience colorful landscapes!

Located right at the center of Europe, Switzerland is a small country of only 42’000 square kilometers packed with so much to offer! In the case, you are visiting from abroad, note that Switzerland has two international airports: one located in Zurich and the other one located in Geneva. Otherwise, because of the country’s geographical location (which borders France, Germany, Austria, and Italy), it is also easy to come to Switzerland by car/public transportation.

Why should you visit switzerland during autumn?

Switzerland can be visited all year round. Each season has its particularities and activities which makes the country super attractive at any time of the year. For instance, from Spring to Autumn, you will be able to discover Switzerland by hiking with colorful hiking trails while during winter, you will enjoy some of the best ski slopes in the world!

Autumn season takes place from September to December. When the fall season starts, it makes Switzerland even more magical with colorful and calm landscapes. From my standpoint, October is the perfect month for hitting the famous trails of the country. Indeed, temperatures are cooler and tourist flow is at its lowest!

“Just keep in mind that most of the trails are closed from the end of October until the beginning of December for maintenance due to the ski season.”

Where are the best spots to chase autumn colors?

Throughout this section, I share the best spots to experience autumn colors combined with some of the greatest scenery in Switzerland. A perfect combo to enjoy the country to the fullest!


  • Aletsch Glacier area
  • Blausee
  • Oeschinensee
  • Zermatt
  • Randa
  • Giessbach falls

Alestch glacier area

Fun fact, Aletsch Glacier is the longest glacier in Europe. There are many viewpoints to observe this beauty of nature, either accessible with gondolas or by foot. The area is full of different hikes for every level. During the autumn season, there is no better way to experience a glacier adventure than by hitting the bright-colored trails.

For instance, the photos below have been taken through the Bettmeralp hiking trail. It is a moderate hike of 12,7 km / 7,9 miles through the pine forest, offering spectacular views of Aletsch Glacier. Highly recommended!


Find more details about all the hikes’ possibilities here.

“From late autumn, it is possible that trails have already some parts covered with snow. So take good shoes and hiking sticks with you!”
chasing autumn colors in Switzerland Altesch glacier
chasing autumn colors in Switzerland

Blausee nature park

Blausee Nature Park (also known as Blue Lake) is gem of the rare beauty of the Bernese Oberland region! In reality, you will be amazed by the crystal emerald color of the lake. During the autumn season, the park completely changes its appearance with colorful orange and yellow scenery,  which makes the place even more magical.

Also, keep in mind that Blausee is a gated park with opening hours. The entrance fees allow you to walk through the park as long as you like.

For more details about Blausee Nature Park (and other gems of the region), check out my Bernese Oberland travel guide here!

“During the autumn season, the sun goes behind the mountains already in the middle of the afternoon. Therefore, I highly suggest you visit the park around noon to enjoy the natural lights on the turquoise lake.”
chasing autumn colors in Switzerland blausee
chasing autumn colors in Switzerland
blausee chasing autumn colors in Switzerland


Oeschinensee (also known as Oeschinen lake) is an altitude lake close to Kandersteg village. Frankly, no words can describe its beauty and I can say without a doubt that this is my favorite place in the Bernese Oberland region.

From Kandersteg, there are two ways to reach Oeschinensee, either taking a gondola (10 minutes) or hiking to the top (1:30 hours). However, keep in mind that the trail is not accessible during winter. Subsequently, once you arrive at Oeschinen station, you still need to walk 20 minutes to get to the turquoise lake. No worries, this is an easy path suitable for everyone.

During autumn, the surroundings can be visited through different hiking trails with beautiful orange pine trees.

“If you want to maximize your time, you can easily visit Oeschineensee and Blausee Nature Park on the same day! Just keep in mind that if you decide to take gondolas to reach Oeschineensee, the lift is open until the 24th of October.”
oeschinensee chasing autumn colors in Switzerland
chasing autumn colors in Switzerland oeschinensee


Zermatt is a charming mountain village located in the South part of Switzerland in the Valais Canton. In addition to its special location at the foot of the amazing Matterhorn mountain (Switzerland’s iconic landmark), Zermatt is also the ultimate hub to experience mountain activities such as hiking. This is why the region is the ideal place to chase vivid autumn colors along the different trails.

Check out my Zermatt travel guide here to get all the details about the best trails in the region!

“Since Zermatt is one of the most popular destinations while visiting Switzerland, the autumn season is the best time of the year to visit the region as it is cheaper and less crowded.”
chasing autumn colors in Switzerland Zermatt
chasing autumn colors in Switzerland Matterhorn


Randa is a small village that is home to one of the longest suspension bridges in Europe. Randa suspension bridge trail is a challenging hiking loop through the colorful forest up to the bridge. It is a lot of effort to get to it with 1’000 meters of ascent, but trust me it is worth it! Indeed, the Charles Kuonen suspension bridge is very impressive with is 500 meters long , and offers a wonderful view of the valley, which turns into an orange painting during the autumn season!

More info about the trail is here

“Randa is the ideal stopover on the way to or back from Zermatt as it is located 20 minutes away from Täsch (the starting point to join Zermatt)!”
chasing autumn colors in Switzerland Randa suspension bridge
Randa suspension bridge chasing autumn colors in Switzerland

Giessbach falls

Located at Brienz (near Interlaken city), Giessbach waterfalls are surrounded by mountains and thick forests. Accordingly, the area is the perfect place to walk through vibrant and bright nature during autumn! 

Find all the details about how to get there on my Bernese Oberland travel guide here

“At this time of the year, the sun comes up the mountains in the middle of the afternoon. Consequently, I advise you not to go too early to enjoy illuminated waterfalls.”
chasing autumn colors in Switzerland giessbachs

In conclusion

To summarize, if you want to get your eyes full of colors, you should head to Switzerland and visit the places mentioned above. My hubby and I have the best time chasing autumn colors in Switzerland! That is to say, I hope you will enjoy these bright-colored landscapes as much as we did!

Moreover, you should click here to check out my posts related to Switzerland.

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions. It would be a pleasure to share with you!

Sending you love, 

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