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Why work with ME?

Traveling with Stephy was created in 2020 and is formed by two people: Stephy, the content creator, and Damien, the photographerBeing two passionate and conscientious persons allows our work to be creative and professional. In addition, we only use professional gear to deliver high-quality content.

My community, composed of an engaging travel-lover audience from all around the world, is mainly gathered on Instagram and is continuously growing on my blog, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Youtube, and Facebook. 

Traveling with Stephy is inspired by the world’s wonders and encourages people to roam the planet and chase their dreams. Most importantly, Traveling with Stephy is a trusted source of information for all travel-related questions, and has a unique and trustworthy relationship with its followers. 

To summarize, if you are looking to reach a targeted audience, increase visibility, and/or get professional content, we should team up!

What can I do for you?

Traveling with Stephy offers a wide variety of content creation and collaboration packages, all provided in French, or English.

High-resolution photography

High-resolution videography

Product and service review

Hotel and accommodation review

Social media promotion

Travel blog promotion

Destination and airline coverage

Press trip

Brand ambassador

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